How to reprogram our subconscious mind?

How to reprogram your subconscious mind

First, we need to identify how subconscious mind works and how powerful is it. When you will done with it you will know how to reprogram it. 

It is very well explain by Monk Dandapani

"If you remember monks have been using affirmation forever, they call It Mantras in Sanskrit. They chant it many times in a day with using beads. Lot of people say these are prayer beads but monks actually like affirmation on Mantras beats. Monks use these to actually program their subconscious mind. So chant on each beads, means chant on affirmation. Happy or confident, monk repeat same mantra over and over again with 108 beads. So you can imagine how your subconscious mind get programmed. Affirmation is part of 3 ingredients which concise of positive words. Clear visualization and a correspondence feeling and most people don't understand this when it comes to affirmation. They just say the worlds but no visualization, no feelings. So for example I say "I love apple". Concise charts of positive words, Now I say word "I" my minds knows That I am talking about me. When I say love, my mind knows he likes it, enjoy it. And when I say word "Apple", My mind get confused because it search my entire mind hard drive, and subconscious from the day since I born. A green apple, red apple, big apple, small apple, fresh apple, costly apple, cheap apple, apple IPhone, Apple watch, Apple IPod. What kind of Apple is it, I have no idea. So words along is not enough. So what is why we have visualization. So when we have clear visualization about what I am talking about then my say oh he is talking about Red Apple. I love apple means I love Red apple. So that's why words and visualization is important. Okay then feeling is emotion and emotion is energy and you know famous scientist "Tesla" not personal  But obviously through his reputation. He had this beautiful saying which kind of encapsulates hindu philosophy really well. He said that to find the secret of the world think in terms of energy frequency and vibration. Everything is made of energy that is vibrating at a certain frequency. So what we believes that 

If Your subconscious mind is filled with the pattern that is vibrating at a certain frequency. Anger could be vibrating at 20 Kilohertz, Happiness at 30 KHZ, I could be any number. If you go to your subconscious mind and pattern it and infuse it with energy that's vibrating at a certain frequency, you can attract thing of similar nature of it. So If I go to subconscious mind and repeat affirmation, which concise of positive words with clear visualization and infuse the feeling into it. What does it feel like, right? And it starts to vibrate in my subconscious with that path at that frequency, Now it attracts anything of similar. So I give you very simple example: Boy dates girl. They go out for 2 years, they have a great intimate relationship, they break up. Boy hangs out with friends to get over the relationship, girl does, you know, chocolate, shopping, wine therapy with her friend for six months. Finally says: I am over him. She started dating again who does she attract into life, Quite often similar guy. You know different person but with same vibration same type of person I have had so many people so many people come up to me boy and girl, and say I keep attracting the same type of person into my life. A common thing I hear all time. Why?? Because you date John dates Sue. They have 2 years of relationship. Sue has vibration that have experiences emotional experiences that are vibrating the frequency of John in her subconscious. They broke up those. Experiences are still vibrating at the frequency of John in her subconscious mind. Now,  she goes to date, who does she attract? Another John name Peter of similar frequency that just happened. So energy does not discriminate between what's good for you and what's not good for you. Its just energy so anything of a similar frequency gets drawn to you. "

So if you know how subconscious mind works and you know how to program it using affirmation with clear chart words. Concise choice of positive word clear visualization amd corresponding feelings being the most important component because its actual energy that attract. Then you can draw bring into your life anything you want. 

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