Best way to live life to fullest

By Gaurav Chhokar
Updated on March 03, 2020

Best way to live life to fullest

People used to ask me why am I not happy in my life? Where can I find happiness? How can I live life like fullest?

But before I start to answer of all your questions. I want to ask - have you ever tried to find out reason of your problems and challenges of your life which leading your mind to be unhappy? If not then this article is for you.

For a moment, Forgot about your problems and focus on below principles which will help you to understand the life in better way then you can get rid of your problems. Let's start

1) Find purpose of your life.

First of all, You need to find the purpose of your life. Most of the people don't have any purpose in their life, that is why it leads to unhappiness and starting of thought that I am not happy. The people who has a special purpose and goal in life because it gives direction to human and if person goes to right direction it gives them happiness.

For Example: Want to open NGO, Want to open own business, World tour, Want to provide luxury life to parents, Help poor people etc.

2). One day you will be no more. 

May be in 60 years, or in 60 weeks or in next 60 day or may be today. You don't know, I don't know when it going to end. Death is not in our control, everyone have to die one day, it is bitter truth of life. It is not matter, so what is matter? Matter is how you dealing with your life. Life is very short and need to enjoy it fullest and people who knows about you, will know you forever.

3) Everything is temporary in life 

Sadness, difficult time, worries, pain of losing someone, joy, happiness or can be anything all are temporary in life. So no need to worry about anything. The beautiful thing about life is we never know what is coming next. Everything can change in the blink of an eye, whether we like it or not. We must learn to delight in what is here, in the now, right this very moment. We must develop an attitude of gratitude for what is right in front of us.

4). Focus on what you make happy, 

We know happiness leads to peace of mind, positive thoughts and energy goes around your mind. If thing "X" make you unhappy and "Y" makes you feel better then don't make time for it. Nothing is worth it if it doesn't make you happy. So always ask one question to yourself before do anything " Does it make me happy?".

5). Don't change yourself for other. Be YourSelf - Always!, No Exceptions! 

Its such a tragedy to see so many people in the life who living lives they don't wanna live just because they listened to other people who did the same.
Have you ever lived your life in the way you want? If Not then just try for one week you will see different between REAL YOU and YOU who is driven by others.
The only way to be happy and successful in this life... Is if YOU BE YOU.

Try to implement all principles in your life. You will see changes soon.

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