Common Interview Questions with Examples

By Gaurav Chhokar
Uploaded on April 21, 2019

Common Interview Questions for P&C Experience Holders with Examples

Q1. Why are your leaving your current company?

Answer 1.
Sir/Mam I believe in continuous learning I think if I am learning I am growing but sir/mam in my current organization I am not learning something new like (dashboards, various reports etc.) I am doing same job from last 3 years, there is no creativity & I am not able to do something new.

And honestly When I read about your company & job profile I really got excited and That point of time I thought This is the organization and job profile which can give me new challenges, new learning & ultimately I will be better professional who can add value to your company

Q2. Tell me something about your work experience?

Answer 2.
Sir/Mam, I have 3 years of experience with ABC Ltd. as process associate and honestly Sir these last 3 year was amazing, I was fresher, I had to learn lot of things and I am very thankful to ABC Ltd. because they give me that opportunity.

And you know Sir If I share those highlights. I would say firstly I learned a lot about policy life cycle like Submission, Quotes, endorsements, policy, Loss runs etc. and secondly my major responsibility to deliver quality with efficiency because My team is commit to quality and efficiency, so that is very challenging and those challenging tasks taught me lot of things, Like how to maintain quality, how to manage work within time, how to deliver product within TAT, How to respond to onshore queries. Etc.

Now You can tell about your work process in details-
We support underwriters, where in we receive insurance application request from broker as well as from UW. Then we create record in our database, the main purpose of maintaining database is to avoid duplicate submission and maintaining record for future purpose.
We also process other work type like Quotes, endorsement, Policy Issuance etc. (you can explain all in detail)

Q3. Why should we hire you?

Answer 3:
I think Sir, You should hire me because of my attitude, You may find people having more experience than me, you may find people asking less salary then me, but sir I tell you won't find people who can beat my attitude, more over if you look at the Job profile and my skills set I see 100% match I don't see any reason I shouldn't be selected. In fact sir if you have doubt regarding me you can ask I will more than happy to clarify

Sir, I know I need chance here, give me that Chance I will prove myself here. I am very excited to work on this job profile and work with this company and work with you. And I know If I will be given a chance no one will be better than me.

Q4. What are your weaknesses?

Answer 4:
-I can't say no to people.
This Hamper my productivity. I go to people and help them and solve their queries

 -I get bored easily.
So i try new things most of time I waste lot of time to be innovative

 -It’s very difficult to satisfy myself
Manager give a deadline to complete work I complete within time with good quality but sir I ask for extension to do better quality work.... So I should be not ask for extension


Q5. Tell me about yourself?

Answer 5:

Sir/Mam, Let me start with something which is not mentioned on my resume.

 -Take little pause then start (Tips)

Sir/Mam- I really love P&C underwriting support you know why... Because it's give me opportunity to learn more about P&C insurance. And I love to interacting with people, Handing queries and it makes me more innovative and different, And I also like to learn from my seniors because I believe in continues learning .... More you learn more you grow...

About my experience - (You can change according to your)

Sir/Mam-Currently I am working with ABC Ltd. from last 3 years where we support one of commercial underwriting team.

 About certifications - (You can change according to your)

I am boot camp certified and Lean certified, AINS certified

About my education -

About family -

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