How To Get Fast/Quick Growth In Organization

By Gaurav Chhokar
Uploaded on April 27, 2019

Everyone wants to grow fast in organization. People who work in MNC always look for good growth in terms of good appraisal, timely promotion etc. Now question arise how will it possible and what steps needs to be considered. So guys don't worry we will give few mantra. Apply those mantras in work life you can get whatever you want from organization.

1). Be a Team Player, Not individual contributor

Most of us think for his or her self like I have done my work that's it my job done. Think again? By doing this, have you done your job?

Answer is no because Team comes first. If you start working as team player then don't worry about anything. You will get promotions and good appraisal.

Why being team player is important then individual contributor?

Lets understand this by below example

Suppose that there is two employees "Alex" and "Mike"

Alex- completes his work on time and complete whatever work is given to him. Alex believes in individual contributor. Don't take any initiatives or help other teammates.

Mike- Completes his work and also help other teammates to complete their work and take initiative to. Mike believe in team player and helping other and try to hep the team to achieve the goal

Now Tell me who will get quite grow/ Promotion/ good appraisal?

Yes without any Doubt Mike is the one who will grow fast in organization.

2). Never say "No* to your Boss

I know its difficult to obey each and everything but believe me if you obey boss then you will get plus point in your growth. Always remember believe in" Boss is always right". Apply the policy of "Never say No to your boss".

3). Be polite and soft spoken
This skill is required because it will market you in public. People will prefer to talk to you and they will see good maturity level in you.

4). Let your work speak

Do work in such a way that everyone will admire you. Your work will speak everything. But questions arise how will it possible? It is only possible when you good product knowledge and work careful with attention. Believe in quality first then quantity

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