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Updated on August 02, 2019

Who is Anand Kumar. The real story of Super 30

Anand Kumar is one of the best Mathematician and India educator who was born in 1973, 1st January. Anand kumar is best known for His Super 30. He belongs from Patna, Bihar. Being son of Post office Clerk, he just managed to study in hindi medium government school where he showed great interest in mathematics. He submitted papers on number theory and got admission in Cambridge university but due to death of his father and monetary problems he couldn't managed to go Cambridge. He sold papads with her mother in evening to manage bread and butter.

His craziness for study is unbelievable. You can assume it by that he used to travel Varansi from patna just to read foreign generals due to non availability in patna university library.

Super 30:

Super 30 is program which was initiated by Anand kumar for the students who belongs to economically impoverished background. He rented a classroom for his coaching institute the Ramanujam School of Mathematics (RSM) at Rs. 500 rupees per month which is trust now. When in 2000, Poor students came to him for coaching then he was motivated to start Super 30 program in 2003 where he conducted entrance test of 4000 to 5000 so poor students who comes from different backward sections like hawkers, Beggar, Labor, auto driver' childrens. At the end of 2018, 422 out of 480 Anand's student's cracked IIT-Jee. His contribution for students and Indian education society is tremendous and unbelievable. For Super 30, Anand kumar have got many awards and recognitions. Former US president Obama, times magazine and many more other big firm tried to help Anand kumar never accepted the offers. Discovery Channel did broadcast a one-hour-long program on Super 30, and half a page has been devoted to Kumar in The New York Times. Anand's Business strategy, “Start the business with whatever amount of money you have and try to avoid taking help from people. Even I have never taken any monetary help from anybody I was getting offers from not just the government of Bihar but big business tycoons. While I am grateful to all those who approached me with help I am happy the way I am – pursuing my love for mathematics.”

Contribution of Anand Kumar: 

Anand's contribution for Indian education society is immeasurable. IIT entrance exam is one of the toughest exam of india. More than of his 85% student cracked IIT exam.

Mission of Anand Kumar: 

Providing a better better environment to student who belongs from economically impoverished and make society proud. Talent has no boundaries and limitations. Super 30’s mission is to help more and more students from economically poor sections reach the IITs.on an average 27-28 cracking IIT exam out of 30 every year. 
WHO IS ANAND KUMAR. THE REAL STORY OF SUPER 30WHO IS ANAND KUMAR. THE REAL STORY OF SUPER 30 Reviewed by Gaurav Chhokar on August 02, 2019 Rating: 5

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