How to be mentally strong? And Why do we need to be mentally strong?

By Gaurav Chhokar
Updated on December 30, 2019

How to be mentally strong? And Why do we need to be mentally strong?

As we know its globalization era. We have lot of problems and challenges in our daily life that leads to get frustrated, depressed and become mentally weak. We need to be mentally strong, not just to face the problems but also to live the life in better manner. If a person is mentally strong then he or she can face any challenges  In his or her life.

Now question arises how to be become mentally strong, So we can face any problem in our life? 

First we need to know actually what mentally strong means? As we know our brain react accordingly as per the situations. If you have noticed ever that different people react differently in same situation but why it happens? Why it not react in same way? The reason is metal status of our mind. Brain react as it is taught and it observed the things in the past. Let's understand it by a simple example.

Suppose two student John and Michele failed in the examination of XII standard. John started taking tension and getting stress and all time thinking about how can he fail, how will his friends and family will react. He couldn't focus on other things like sports, family time, study.
After fighting depression and stress he got on track but until that he wasted 6 months and faced health issues. He got very low score but some how manage to pass the exam. Due to low score he didn't get good college.

On other hand we have Michele who also failed and started searching for reasons why he failed and after found the reasons he started to over come them. In the next year exam he got good marks and pass the 12th standard exam. He got one of the best college in the city.

Lets now understand why Michele dealt the situation in a better manner than John? It is about your learning and dealing with things in your life previously. John got that environment in which is never learned the way of dealing with these situations, might be his surrounding face the problem in same say. There might be many reasons. Where Michele faced the same in better way due to his strong mind set, surrounding, previous learning experiences etc.

So the conclusion is nothing happen if you take stress or get depressed. These are not the solutions of dealing problems of life. Stress and tension ruin your life and your relations with other.

How to be mentally strong: - 
1).It is also depend on your attitude. 
2).You need to be very focused on your goal even you fail to achieve the same several times but you need to never stop to getting the your end result.
3).Meditation: - Meditation is very good exercise which we need to do every day because it gives power to focus and to be so strong in each and every situation.
4).Be positive and always think something good is going to happen. 

Bonus: - 
As I understand the life I would suggest remove fear of failure and just try again and again until your last breath. If you tried your best then definitely you will achieve whatever you want.

How to be mentally strong? And Why do we need to be mentally strong? How to be mentally strong? And Why do we need to be mentally strong? Reviewed by Gaurav Chhokar on December 30, 2019 Rating: 5

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