Focus- The career maker

By Gaurav Chhokar
Updated on March 03, 2020

As we know It is globalization era and how important is Focus for us in the world of many distractions.

For some people, It's just a word but the person who knows the importance of Focus it is game changer and key of success. Sometimes you might think why didn't you achieve which you decided in your life. The main reason of your failure is lack of focus. Our focus decides our career.

Bill Gates said- Reason of my success is my focus was on very less things that gave me edge to do something with full strength and focus.

We all know Milkha Singh. He had a goal in his life and he focused on that only. His goal was to wear the Jersey of India. He determined that India ki Jacket... India ki jacket... India ki jacket. Always chanted that and by doing this, He conceived that Indian jacket and believe in indian jacket and then achieved indian jacket.

So we need to convince our goal and believe in our goal and achieve our goal and this all comes from Focus. Focus is a meditation, art, patience, and journey of your goal.

Focus and Goal are directly proportional :-
Focus is one of the main vehicle which help you to achieve your goal. Goal and Focus are directly proportional to each other. More focus more you achieve goal.

Focus and Distraction are inversely related
As simple as that more distraction less focus, and less focus, less chance to achieve goal.

If you want to achieve your dreams then need to follow below mantras: -

1). Focus on Goal (Like Milkha Singh had Goal 45.9 second to finish the race)
2). Identification of distraction (make social media rituals, make practice of say "No")
3). Raise your standard (Don't just limit your self to 50 push ups, increase it day by day)
4). Mentor is important in life (Person who can give you right direction)

Decide right now what is your goal and make a mind to do hard work by focus on it and do anything to achieve your goal.

Gita Shlok:- अनुकूलस्य संकल्प: प्रतिकूलस्य वर्जनम् |  (If it is contributing to your goal statement Accept it, if it is not contributing to your goal statement Rejected it)

One of the best way to Focus: -

-First make your Goal (In which you interested and life time goal or short term)
-Then chant it 25 times in a day
-By doing this, your mind will conceive it
-Once your mind conceive it after that your mind will start to believe in it.
-After you start believing in it, your focus automatically go to those things which will help you to achieve your goal

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