How robotics/AI will eat your job? How to safe the job from it?

By Gaurav Chhokar
Updated on Sept 6, 2019

How robotics/AI will eat your job? How to safe your job from it?

You might be one of the best employee or average performer or you performing your responsibilities in a best way but we can't complete with robotics. According to Stephen Hawking, a well-known cosmologist, "The development of full artificial intelligence (AI) could spell the end of the human race," and Elon Musk, a renowned inventor and investor, insists, "I think human extinction will probably occur, and technology will likely play a part in this.".

Robots have already defeated us. The volume of human labor decrease from past few years due to cost of automatic machines are decreased. If I talk about reality, Robotics will capture 40% of job in next 20 years. Initially food and manufacturing industry will be impacted much. We all know that this is era of technology, innovation, automation. So we don't need to be surprised if we see jobs cut in various industry in near future.

What is robotics and why preferred by MNCs? 

Robotics are nothing but computer assisted program which reduce manual interface of human beings. Now question arises why companies preferring robotics than human beings? Here is few of reasons:

1. Cost effective
2. Efficient
3. Accurate
4. Reliable

Those are the main reasons and if we talk little wide - robotics (computer assisted programd) will not go on leaves, will not get tired, no promotion etc. Companies just have to pay for built that system and maintain that. Let's see it by example:)- there are some work which you can do easily and some are best done by computer. You can think on something which computer can't do but if I say write "Hello" until 2 days surely you can't do it but  computer can. There many task which computer can do much faster than human beings. So human can't complete with computer.

There are many jobs which are safe from automation, robotics, AI

1). Creative jobs like Painter, hairdresser, writers. Etc
2). Those job which requires human skills just as singer, dancer and sportpersons etc
3). Those jobs which requires empathy just as counselor, therapist, surgeon etc
4). Jobs which involves developing, maintaining or fixing automation or AI technology would be safe from robotics.

How to safe your job from automation, Robotics, AI?

We need to ask ourselves whether our work could be done by a robot. And if it can, we need to get worried. You have some option to avoid the situation of unemployment due to robotics.

First one is to partially learn the programming language. As part of daily routine there might be some task which can be automate and can boost your productivity. It will add value to you profile

Second one is push your boundaries and try to learn something new from your unusual work like knowledge of other departments or something related to your profile to add on value to your profile. Always Keep two options rather than one.

Third one is one of simple way and apply everywhere and that is domain knowledge. If you have good knowledge of particular domain like P&C insurance, banking , finance, or any domain etc. then you don't need to worry about any robotics things. How can a programmer build a program or software without any knowledge of what is to be developed. Can a programmer develop policy administration system without deep knowledge of it. To build a system always require a person who have strong knowledge of domain who can guide the developer what is needed. Person Who has strong knowledge of domain can never lose his or her job. Most importantly do certifications and add value to your profile.

How robotics/AI will eat your job? How to safe the job from it? How robotics/AI will eat your job? How to safe the job from it? Reviewed by Gaurav Chhokar on September 06, 2019 Rating: 5

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