Toxic people in Corporate - A Curse for our work culture.

By Bhawna Bali
Updated on August 25, 2019

Toxic people in Corporate - A Curse for our work culture.

Who makes the corporate culture? 
People's integrity, loyalty, work ethics and their beliefs are what makes the culture of any company.

But some people with lack of integrity become the reason for a toxic work environment because as they say "Integrity is something that is built overtime not overnight".

Before we begin to discuss about those people. we need to ask ourselves some questions-

Are we honest to our offices colleagues? 
Are we creating good environment at workplace? 
Are we creating barriers in someone's growth? 

Honestly ask these questions to yourself.

Now come to the topic of discussion" Toxic people in corporate world."
Who are Toxic people at workplace? If you ask me this question I would say it doesn't matter who they are but what matters is when they try to toxify the working environment and create barriers in success of others our timely actions  can help overpower their motives .

Now, you might be wondering how to identify these people?

Don't worry those people are not alien they are same like us. He or she might be your friend, your senior, junior, or general office colleague.

Here are some examples:

* They are friendly to everyone and have a huge impact in the team

* They are always seen cribbing and complaining behind their bosses back

* These people are mostly seen involved in unnecessary gossips and conversations

* These people always discourage the people working extra hours by mocking at them.

* These people always manage to Brainwash innocent co-workers to do and say things which are cultivated through their Toxic influence.

* They are ones who always manage to find an easy way out and pass the work on others shoulder

* These people are rude and disrespectful , narcissistic personality disorder, negative to others and being overly competitive.

Now you know what type of people you want to avoid in future.

How to deal with such people?
Here's the solution:

What you allow, you promote." You need to act quickly. Be prepared to coach the toxic employee “up or out,” as soon as you spot a problem behavior. Fast action lets the whole team know that you’re holding everyone accountable, and your focus is on creating a safe environment where everyone can perform at their best.

In the end Teamwork should be valued more than individual contributions. Every employee matters and should be made to feel this way.
Toxic people in Corporate - A Curse for our work culture.Toxic people in Corporate - A Curse for our work culture. Reviewed by Gaurav Chhokar on August 25, 2019 Rating: 5

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