What are Covid-19 bio-bubbles, and how have they helped sport?

What is the bio-bubble? 

A bio-secure environment or bio-bubble is planned to prevent the spread of corona virus (Covid-19). With bio-secure venues for cricket matches, the International Cricket Council (ICC) and its member boards are aiming to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus from one person to another during an ongoing tournament or bilateral series.

The sporting world has managed to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic by creating “bio-bubbles”. These are sanitised areas that can be accessed only by a certain set of people who are not infected with the virus. From the Indian Premier League to the US Open and the NBA, tournaments have taken place in the last year using this strategy.

The flip side, however, is the psychological impact it has on sportspersons. The bubble entails being confined to certain areas and limits who one can meet and interact with.

No outings, no friends

A key element of the bio-bubble is that players will not be permitted to have access to families, visitors, friends, and relatives for the duration of a tournament. Cricketers will not be permitted to pay a visit to family or friends, outside the team’s bio-secure environment.

Bio-bubble breach

First such example was highlighted when England bowler Jofra Archer was dropped from the second Test because he breached the bio-security protocols. stopping at his flat while travelling from one venue to another, and had to be quarantined. Pakistan's Mohammed Hafeez broke the bubble and interacted with a family outside the bubble, and has to self-isolate for five days.

What are Covid-19 bio-bubbles, and how have they helped sport?What are Covid-19 bio-bubbles, and how have they helped sport? Reviewed by Gaurav Chhokar on March 31, 2021 Rating: 5

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